Sunday, March 1, 2009

It only gets harder...

Just when I thought I couldn't handle any more stress my husband comes home and tells me he's getting laid off as of March 19th. I am just running with the hope that it will all work itself out.

Anyway, aside from that miserable news everything else here is going really well. Ryan tried out for the school soccer team. I was pretty nervous for him when he came home the 1st day and said over 40 kids were trying out for 18 spots. Especially since he hasn't played in almost a year and a half but he made the team!!! I am so proud of him. He was also invited to join the junior National Honor Society!! and the other big news regarding Ryan is he became a teenager on the 17th and unforunately has started acting like one also.

Ashlyn is still dancing, she had a competition yesterday and they got 1st place again!! This time they were the only 6-7 yr olds so they ended up in the same division as the 8-10 yr olds from our own studio. So we beat them which the girls thought was awesome. They have their last competition in 2 weeks. Hopefully they will do well.

I am almost done with my co-op at the elementary school. that will be done by the end of March. Then I will just have to finish my classes which end the 1st week of May. It is so nice to be able to see the end of this journey.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The countdown begins...

wow, it's been a while. Things here are going good. let's see since last time Ashlyn's dance group got 1st place at their competition!! Ryan did not play basketball and I have only 1 semester left till graduation!!

Got my grades last week and I got all A's again!! GO ME!! Last days of classes is May 8th and Graduation is May 15th so only 4 1/2 months left! WOO HOO!! This last semester will be crazy again though. i have to go to classes 4 days a week and find time to squeeze in 160 hours at the elementary school by May. Plus work and dance and soccer and the house and that whole being a mom job. I THINK I CAN.. I THINK I CAN.. I THINK I CAN..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

just a few more weeks

hey there, things have been crazy around here lately, Ashlyn's 1st dance competition this year is next weekend. Not sure if the group is really ready, they did not have as much time to prepare for this. Last year their 1st competition wasn't until March so I think this one will be interesting. They have been working so hard though. They are dancing to "Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair" It is really cute. Hope they do well.

Ryan is doing well, trying to decide if he wants to play basketball this year. He seems to be growing out of this whole sports thing and just wants to hang out with his friends. I still can't believe he will be 13 in just 3 months. What happened to my baby??

The kids just got their report cards last week and they both did awesome. Ashlyn got A-B honor roll and Ryan just missed it. He got all A's and a C in Math. Next time. School is going well for me too. I only have 4 1/2 weeks till this semester is over and then only 1 more to go!! WOOHOO!!

Everything else is good, I think we are all settling in to Duane's new job. It is still weird not having him around at night, and it is hard having to deal with the kids all the time by myself, but after a few rough months I think the kids have realized I mean business. At 1st they tried to get away with alot but I've had to get a little tough and now things are going much better. Ashlyn still misses her dad alot but he walks her to school now so they have their time and it is helping too. He is much happier when he is here, so it is all for the best.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Another Girl!!!

Well, I am an aunt once again!! My brother Bob and his wife Margaret had a little girl today. Well, she is actually a pretty big girl 9lbs 13oz. Her name is Megan Ann!! She is sooo beautiful though I can't wait to meet her. Unfortunately she is in New Jersey so I'll have to wait till Thanksgiving to meet her. The poor boys are so outnumbered. With a total count of 13 cousins - we have 10 girls and 3 boys. Hopefully the next one to come will be a boy!!

Other than that, nothing much is going on here. Same old stuff, school, work, dance, clean that's pretty much how my life runs. I have figured out that I now have less than 7 months till graduation!! Kids are doing well,Duane is great,just trying to get ready for christmas now.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another School Year Begins

Wow, can't believe it has been so long since I posted here. Let's see. The kids are home!! It was a very long summer and I never thought it would end but we made it. The kids had a blast on their vacations and didn't even want to come home.

My brother got married at the end of July so we all met up in NJ for the wedding. All the kids were in the wedding(16 kids total).It was a great weekend, got to see all my brothers and sister, got to visit with my bestest friend from high school. Who BTW just had a little baby girl last Thursday!! Welcome Olivia!! Anyway, thought I would get to take my kids home then, but they both insisted on going back to my sister's house for a little longer. I am glad though that they had such a good time.

Now, we are all back in school, Ryan started the 7th grade last week and Ashlyn is now a 2nd grader. I am in the home stretch!! Only 2 more semesters to go, May cannot get here fast enough for me. Duane also started a new job 2 weeks ago. That has been a difficult change since he is now working 2nd shift. Ashlyn is especially having a hard time not having Daddy around. But it is still new and we will figure it out.

Other than school Ashlyn is still dancing. She is in company again this year so we seem to be spending more and more time at the dance studio. Her 1st competition is in November this year, so they are pushing to have the routine ready. Ryan is taking the fall off (thank goodness), he is planning on trying out for basketball in the winter but that's about it for him these days.

I never thought I would say this but - Here's to hoping this school year flies by - I am so ready for May!!!